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Obsessed much?

July 13, 2009

Call me crazy, but I have a lot of Minnesota pride. And believe it or not, I’m fairly certain that I’m not alone.

I was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. My parents both grew up on farms in MN. And I attended the “U” (of MN) for college. Then, it was off to explore bigger and better things – first Seattle for 6 years, and now New York City.

And here I am, living in New York, a wonderfully diverse city. And yet I get totally pumped every time I meet a fellow Minnesotan! I don’t know if it’s the shared culture, the accent, or having survived insanely cold winters, but I feel a bond with them that I don’t believe exists for ex-pats of other states (except maybe Texas).

I also believe that Minnesotans have a ton of talent and culture to share with New Yorkers, and that we should revel in it and spread the word. Speaking of Minnesota culture, the term “Minneapple” came about in the 80’s as a nickname for a city with comparable levels of arts and culture to New York. The Twin Cities has the most theaters per capita of any US city following NYC. And just think of all the great music that’s come out of Mpls – Prince, the Replacements, Husker Du to name some biggies – that have shaped and influenced modern music. Alas, many Minnesotans decide to bring their artsy selves to NYC to swim with the big fishes and find greater success here. But just as true, Minnesotans stay put and travel to bring their art to the world, including NYC.

And so begins the Minneapple in the Big Apple blog. I’ll cover events organized by Minnesotans, that feature Minnesotan writers, musicians and other performers – both living in NYC and traveling from MN – and other Minnesota-related events, as well as restaurants and other businesses in NYC owned by native Minnesotans. I hope to promote Minnesota-related happenings in NYC.

It’s Minneapple in the Big Apple.



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