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Minneapple in Long Beach

July 31, 2009

So we did it. We took the Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour, made it happen twice in July, and took it on the road to Long Beach, NY last Saturday. I won’t say it was a huge success in turn-out, but I will say that those present thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Fellow Minnesota Bryan (designer of our t-shirts and totes!) and I spent a nice long day at the beach with a few non-Minnesotans in tow. In fact, we were with 3 native New Yorkers (all hailing from Queens of all places). Bryan and I commented on the lovely sand and brisk surf, as well as the vast ocean before us. We don’t have beaches like Long Beach in Minnesota. Lake beaches are nice and all, but getting out of NYC and being at the sunny, ocean beach in under 90 minutes is always a treat in the summers.

After we’d had enough of the sunny-then-cloudy-then-sunny-again weather, and had been covered in sand due to the heavy winds, we decided to take our party to Minnesotas, as was the plan.

Minnesotas Grill & Bar, Long Beach, NY

Minnesotas is a bar that seems to be named strictly for its cross-street. Long Beach’s main drag of Beech St has a series of streets named after states, and right there, at Minnesota St, is Minnesotas Grill & Bar.

It had a very populated patio area, and the food came recommended by someone I had mentioned the excursion to. We made a quick pit-stop and realized it wasn’t much like home. The Yankees game was on, people were tan. We didn’t know what to do, so we made our exit.

Bryan & Nora at Minnesotas - Long Beach, NY 7/25/09

But we can now say we’ve been to Minnesota(s) in NY! All in all, a worthwhile adventure!

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