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MN Monthly Happy Hour Tonight!

September 4, 2009

So it’s our monthly Minneapple in the Big Apple happy hour tonight at Le Poisson Rouge. We do it every First Friday of the month at 6pm. People usually stick around until 9pm or so, but it’s been known to last all night. Who doesn’t love hanging out with a bunch of Minnesotans?!

I’m trying to be happy for all you Minnesotan New Yorkers who get to attend, but I’m a little sad – I’m going to miss it!!! Because I’m in Minnesota!!!

I’ve been doing these happy hours since January and I’ve been to every one. I even brought homemade bars to a few, transporting them in a cookie tin that my Grandma Fern sent me last year with her famous Christmas cookies in it. My cohost, Taya Mueller, often makes hot dishes for everyone using the LPR kitchen. The happy hours are always an eclectic mix, and we have a few regulars, and usually a lot of folks checking it out for the first time. Lots of groups of MN’an friends who hardly ever have time to get together. There are always at least 30 people there. I’ve loved it!

But today, I’m in Minnesota. I’m even doing something extremely Minnesotan with my evening – going to the MN State Fair and seeing Prairie Home Companion at the Grandstand. At least it’s a good excuse.

Have fun, everyone who gets to go! Dustin, who works at LPR and is from MN, will be your trusty host. Say hello!

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  1. Ruthie permalink
    October 9, 2009 5:53 am

    I was at the fair that night, too! Hope you got to have some Sweet martha cookies!! (we should see if they can ship those in to the Minnie-apple nights!) 🙂

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