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InDigest 1207 Reading Series tonight

October 7, 2009

Tonight is another installment of the InDigest 1207 Reading Series in Le Poisson Rouge’s gallery bar. It gets started at 6pm, and as always, it’s free! This month, they’ve got J.C. Hallman, Paul Harding and Dana Rossi. As is often the case, one of the writers has MN ties. J.C. Hallman teaches at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, where InDigest founders David Doody and Dustin Luke Nelson both went to undergrad.

I checked out their reading series last month, and was totally fascinated by Franz Nicolay, writer and professional musician, and his choice to open the night by reading a passage from Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler. Dustin states that this is probably one of the greatest openings to a novel he’s ever read, and it had me hooked as Calvino describes in great detail the act of selecting, purchasing, and curling up to read his novel which unfolds in the pages that follow. Nicolay then read from his own work.

Nicolay’s choice of opener was inspired by InDigest’s goal to create a dialogue about the arts through the arts. Dustin explains, “we want to use the arts, specific things, to create a larger dialogue about their influence and how different types of art speak with each other and with life at large.” The online magazine has a feature called the InDialogue series where two artists, generally from different disciplines, talk about craft or sports or whatever they feel like. 1207 is a sort of extension of that. “The idea is that people can read from anything (we’ve had people read from text messages, e-mails, song lyrics, stories, poems, show pieces of art…) and hopefully reveal something about how they work and how other work has informed their approach.” It makes for an intriguing reading event, and the writers are talented to boot.

InDigest will be relaunching with a whole new staff and editorial team on Nov. 1. They’ve got lots of great writers in the next couple issues (Rodrigo Toscano, Alex Lemon, Matt Hart, Peter Silberman (of the Antlers), Sam Osterhout and a bunch more). Dustin says it’ll be nice to have the editorial staff all over the country again. They’re pretty much evenly split between NYC and Minneapolis/St. Paul and Dustin says he can “see the difference when we’ve got people in different cities with their lives interacting with different literary spheres.”

A great literary magazine, and an excellent monthly reading series to go along with it!

InDigest 1207 Reading Series
Wed, Oct. 7, 2009
Le Poisson Rouge Gallery Bar
158 Bleecker St at Thompson, NY, NY


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