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November’s Hot Dish

November 5, 2009

And now for our second installment of “Hot Dish” where we feature a lovely single person from Minnesota who lives in New York.


Mishka at last month's happy hour sporting her Minneapple t-shirt

Mishka attended the very first Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour back in January of 2009. She arrived with a friendly smile and fellow Minnesotan Tara Jensen in tow. Mishka is from a tiny town in northern MN called Breckenridge. She lived in the Twin Cities when she attended the University of St. Thomas from 1997-2001. She came to New York City on vacation and never left – she likes to say that NYC got her drunk and took advantage of her, and she liked it. She’s an NYC “activity whore” who loves her running club and book club, and is always in the middle of planning a bowling night, clothing swap, charity fundraiser or bar crawl for her eclectic group of friends.

But at heart, Mishka is a true Minnesotan. She loves hotdish and Garrison Keillor and how about those Twins. She eventually wants to return to saying “pop” and “sucker”, and as soon as global warming makes it’s mark on Duluth, she’s moving back.

Mishka’s a social worker, and social she is. This girl is super friendly even by Minnesota standards. Beware, she may bring your accent to the surface because her’s is so cute.

Come meet Mishka at this month’s Minnesota Monthly happy hour this Friday at le Poisson Rouge! To connect with Mishka, please email me at minneappleNYC [at] gmail [dot] com for an introduction.

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