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Happy Hour Holiday Bake-Off

November 25, 2009

With Thanksgiving and all the gluttony that goes along with it this week, I’m sure all us Minnesotans are thinking of their fond memories of favorite holiday cookies, bars and cakes. We’ve got our favorite dessert recipes made with Grandma every Christmas. We’ve got a holiday tradition of enjoying treats while singing Christmas carols or after coming in from sledding all afternoon.

For this month’s Minneapple in the Big Apple happy hour, we’ve got an extra-special holiday event for you to share your special holiday desserts – a bake-off! It’s going down at our Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour on Friday, Dec. 4th at (le) Poisson Rouge from 6-9pm.

Bake up your favorite cookies, bars or cake. Write up a story about what makes this dessert special to you and your Minnesota-ness. And put it to the test against your fellow Minnesotans.

Judging will be based on taste, presentation and authenticity. Prizes (yes, prizes!) will be awarded at 8pm.

Here are the rules:

Contest entrants must have Minnesota roots. Entries must be cookies, bars or cakes, and at least a dozen pieces of the dessert must be provided. NO Jell-o allowed! Let’s save that for a future competition. A written story must be submitted with the dessert telling the sentimental story of this dessert. You may enter the story in advance with your e-mail registration, and/or bring the story to the bake-off as part of the presentation of your dessert. By entering the bake-off, you agree that parts of your story may be used on

To enter, please email me at by Monday, Nov. 30th, with the following information:

– Your name
– Your teammate’s name (if applicable)
– Dessert name
– Email address
– Your sentimental story (optional if you choose to submit it in advance)

I will respond by Tuesday, Dec. 1st to confirm your registration.

Thanks for entering and we’ll see you on Dec. 4th!


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