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Big Apple in the Minneapple – Holidays edition

December 22, 2009

I arrived back in St. Paul for the holidays on Sunday night. Well, I suppose it was technically Monday morning by the time I arrived, but after that crazy blizzard in NYC over the weekend, I was glad to make it at all.

So far, it’s just like every holiday season I spend back in Minnesota – I spent yesterday babysitting my adorable baby niece with my mom, and then ran around Roseville for some last-minute Christmas shopping at Rosedale Mall and (my personal fave) Har Mar Mall. Today, I’m meeting my good friend Lisa for some shopping and hanging out, and heading to Highland Ice Arena to catch my nephew’s hockey game. The rest of the week calls for many Christmas celebrations with various configurations of my family. Ah, it’s good to be here!

My favorite missed items that I get to enjoy (beyond spending time with loved ones) include:

– My parent’s fridge over-flowing with all my favorite treats like Summit beer, Land o’ Lakes egg nog, Old Home dairy products, and plenty of varieties of ice cream
– Driving! I’ve got the Current and Radio K added to the radio pre-sets, and I already remembered how to take corners at icy intersections. And I love all the Christmas lights on the houses!
– TV! Four of them, to be precise. All the cable channels showing all the cheesy movies I could ask for, and a Wii (why a pair of 60 year olds need with a Wii is beyond me)
– Malls that just don’t seem crowded after a few years of shopping in NYC. My sister asked if it was crowded at Rosedale Mall last night, and I suppose it probably was by MN standards, but I thought it was a breeze getting in and out of stores with lines of only 3-4 people max. Wow!

It’s a must to be back in St. Paul for the holidays, and I look forward to more comforts of home all week!

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