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Motion City Soundtrack

January 30, 2010

Motion City Soundtrack, the Minneapolis pop-punk quintet that has really gone places in the last few years, has made its major label debut on Columbia Records with their new album “My Dinosaur Life.” According to Minneapolis Fucking Rocks, their album debuted at #15 on Billboard. Sweet!!!

This band is near and dear to my heart. Guitarist Josh is an old friend of mine, and my old band Amp 176 went on tour with them back in 2000. They’ve grown and grown and grown over the years, with 3 albums on Epitaph Records. Last I saw them, it was to a sold-out crowd of young music-lovers singing along to every word at the Roseland Ballroom.

It’s been awesome to see them shine during the release of their new album – they had a sold-out show at First Ave last week, and they got their very own star on the side of the building (anyone who’s ever played in a band in Mpls knows how HUGE this is!). The local Mpls press has been covering them left and right, and now the new album is blowing up on iTunes and the Billboard charts!

Motion City Soundtrack will be in town next week, so be sure to check them out. They’re on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tues, Feb. 2nd. Their live show is on Wed, Feb. 3rd at Irvine Plaza.

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