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February 3, 2010

I saw Retribution Gospel Choir at Union Hall tonight and loved it! It’d been awhile since I’d seen a good rock show, and they had all the components that are required in my book – good harmonies (the drummer singing them, no less – I always love that!), solid and melodic bass lines, and rocking guitar but with definite ambient noises and hums at times. At one point, guitarist Alan Sparhawk reached for a bottle of water and notes kept playing out. Some fancy pedals supporting his guitar sounds, I believe… Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and highly recommend seeing them at a future point. I was sad to leave before their follow-up party – I’m sure it was quite entertaining.

I met Alan and drummer Eric Pollard after their set to tell them how much they rocked, and about this crazy group of Minnesotans living in NYC who convene once a month for a happy hour. Alan seemed to have heard about it – perhaps through Stephanie Davila, aka StarDweller, as her old band The Winter Blanket recorded with Alan for at least one of their albums. Small world! Alan said to say hi to all the Minnesotans at the next happy hour, and I will certainly do so this Friday.

What a great night of music!

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