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Motion City Soundtrack’s NYC show on MTV

February 19, 2010

I just read on one of my favorite music blogs, Gimme Noise of the Minneapolis/St. Paul alt-weekly the City Pages, that video of Motion City Soundtrack’s recent NYC show are on  I was at said show, and it was super fun and high energy, per normal. 

Having known them since the beginning, I always get a big kick out of seeing the huge crowds dancing, and even moshing,  and loudly singing along to every word at their shows.  Since their rise in popularity, my favorite parts of every show I’ve been to are when the crowds cheer wildly as they walk on stage, and when Justin stops singing and lets the crowd take over.  There’s something about knowing the band members so well that makes me imagine what that feeling must be like in a sorta real way. and it’s kind of magical. 

Aw, I’m getting mushy, but I’m just so dang happy for them and their much deserved success!  See them rock live on  Here’s a setlist of the songs in the video:

1. My Favorite Accident
2. The Future Freaks Me Out
3. A Life Less Ordinary
4. Her Words Destroyed My Planet
5. Everything Is Alright
6. Disappear

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