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April’s Hot Dish

March 31, 2010

This month, I’d like to introduce Tara, April’s “Hot Dish,” a monthly feature that highlights a sassy and sexy single person from Minnesota living in New York, who you can meet at the Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour at Le Poisson Rouge this Friday.

Tara is a familiar and friendly face at the Minnesota Monthly Happy Hours.  She was there at the very first happy hour over a year ago now, with her good friend Mishka, November’s Hot Dish. These pretty and charming women have gotten many a free drink in this city.

The words pretty and charming aren’t even enough to describe Tara.  She is a lawyer, and before you start thinking she’s just another one of those, let me give you the back-story.  When pondering law school, she googled “most radical law school” and discovered CUNY School of Law.  Tara was living in Minneapolis at the time teaching art to kids at a local homeless shelter and was plotting her next steps.  So she packed up and moved to Queens.  She now works as a civil rights attorney, seeking justice for underdogs throughout the city.

Tara works long days in the office, and spends long nights out on the town.  She loves her East Village apartment, which keeps her in the middle of the action of the city.  She leads a busy New York style life, going to improv comedy nights, brunches with friends, karaoke nights and anywhere there is live music.  And where there is music and Tara, there will be dancing.

All this big-city action is a long way from where Tara grew up, in the small town of Springfield in Southwestern, MN.   Her childhood was filled with “night games” and skits with all the kids with cabins along the lakeshore – their own version of an anarchic sleep-away camp.

She was ready for the “big city” after high school, and moved to St. Paul to attend the University of St. Thomas.  Of course, the Twin Cities couldn’t contain her vivacious and justice-seeking self, and she left for the Big Apple nearly seven years ago.

Tara is looking for a guy who loves what he does and is good at it.  Someone who has opinions and likes to discuss them—preferably over beers.  She likes a guy who is up for anything, and would appreciate one who could occasionally help her find her keys!

If you would like to meet Tara, come introduce yourself to her at this Friday’s Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour at Le Poisson Rouge – if you can make your way through the crowd that is usually surrounding this girl!

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