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Dosh show recap and new video

April 27, 2010

I saw Dosh last week at Union Hall after learning about this amazing multi-instrumentalist, electronic one-man band that I couldn’t miss. My friend Teresa was in town from Minneapolis, and despite the fact that she could probably catch Dosh performing on a somewhat regular basis back home, she was excited to see him during her trip in this basement Brooklyn venue. Perhaps some of you were lucky enough to see him on Friday night when he performed at Mercury Lounge.

To be precise, it wasn’t a one-man band set-up – he had Mike Lewis with him playing keys, sax and bass – but there were many more layers of sound going on than 2 guys could normally make. Dosh plays a Rhodes with the top taken off to allow him to hit the strings inside with his drumsticks, creating a sound I didn’t even know existed, as well as a drum kit, a sequencer, and an entire 16-track board. Lewis played insane jazzy hooks on sax, and busted our ear drums with his bass playing through a gritty Orange amp. The instrumental music was dissonant and beautiful and then back and then both at once. It was modern jazz, folk-rock, electronica-pop, dance music using modern and old-school instruments and technology. I was fascinated and loved every minute of it.

They played many songs off their brand-new album, “Tommy,” not named after the Who’s rock-opera, but after their dear departed friend. Check out this video from the album’s song “Airlift” (via MFR) – filmed right here in NYC. I caught glimpses of the West Side Highway, the BQE, old brownstones, and the boardwalk of Coney Island. The imagery, both of NYC streets and the amazing editing, is a perfect match for the music.

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