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What I missed this weekend

May 3, 2010

Well, the good news about this weekend, besides the ridiculously nice weather, is that I got a new computer.  This will make my blogging and computing life so much easier!  I was working off a 5-year old Mac that was pathetically outdated.

The bad news is that the computer sucked up all my time and left me with no time for some exciting shows and events of talented Minnesotans.

First off, I missed two Minneapolis bands on a whirlwind tour together – Daughters of the Sun and Vampire Hands.  Last night, they played at Zebulon, and tonight they’re at Piano’s.  They’ve got a split EP out called “Skull Judge” (Modern Radio Records), which would be a great way to check out both bands.

Another Minnesotan taking over New York is Garrison Keillor and a Prairie Home Companion.  Last night was the second of three Saturday live shows broadcast from Town Hall in Manhattan.  I happened to hear a bit of it on the radio and it was fun to hear his “Guy Noir” story take place in NYC.  Looks like tickets are still available to next Saturday’s show here.

And tonight, there is still time to catch what promises to be a super fun show of Koo Koo Kanga Roo, a duo who put on a live show that’s fun for kids and the children in all of us.  The show is at Arlene’s Grocery tonight at 11pm, so it’ll be a bunch of grown-up kids dancing around and acting silly together.  Good times!  Check out the video with super catchy song and way fun group dance moves!

I hope others had the chance to get out and enjoy these events.  If so, feel free to write in either with comments or by emailing me at minneapplenyc [at] gmail [dot] com to tell us what you thought.  And be sure to check out their music and videos and radio shows to enjoy them, even if you missed the live version.

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