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May’s Hot Dish

May 6, 2010

This month, I bring your Erin, our May Hot Dish, a feature that highlights a fabulous single person from Minnesota who lives in New York.  You can meet Erin at the Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour this Friday at Le Poisson Rouge.

Erin is a relative newcomer to NYC, having lived here just over 8 months now.  She is settling in quite nicely and living it up so far.  Erin landed a great job right after graduating from the University of Minnesota last spring with a dual degree in advertising and marketing, and moved here at the end of a glorious post-college summer working at a web design shop.  Erin is now the Digital Ninja at Attention, executing social media campaigns with ease at the digital media company.

Erin dove right in to life in the big city.  She leads a fun and active lifestyle riding her bike, playing beer league co-ed sports, and checking out shows around town.  Her favorite bands to catch are all her old favorites from Minneapolis, like Lookbook and Motion City Soundtrack, and it’s even more thrilling to see them outside of their home turf.  She also combines her digital talents with her love for the Minnesota Twins with her side-project,, where you can find results of the most recent game.  Yankees games aren’t out of the question for Erin, but you’ll never catch her in stripes.

Erin also manages to maintain a bit of midwestern homey-ness in her life.  On weekends, she always hits up the greenmarket to get local produce and other delicious foods, then enjoys preparing feasts for herself and her midwestern roommates.

Erin grew up in Farmington, and spent summers at lake cabins around the midwest with her family.  Her love of music started early, and in high school, she formed a band with her sister and took the light-rail into downtown Mpls for rock shows.  She moved to Minneapolis for college and lived, worked and studied in the heart of the city, enjoying all it had to offer.  But more exciting pastures awaited, and New York City has proven to be an exciting adventure so far.

Erin would be an excellent date to go see some Minneapolis bands or to cook, take a bike ride, or play amateur wine connoisseur.  She is looking for a guy who likes to keep moving, too, so that he can keep up, of course.

If you want to meet Erin, come introduce yourself this Friday at the Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour at Le Poisson Rouge!

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