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MN State Fair in NYC!?

August 19, 2010

So last night I got  e-mail that warmed my heart to no end.

I remember Nora mentioning a MN State Fair food crawl in NYC last year, but I hadn’t really given it more than a minute’s thought (probably because of how distractingly fun Minnesota Monthly is).  You can see Nora’s write-up of the event last year here.

I’m definitely going to be there, and I hope that some Minneapple folks will join me in supporting yet another Minnesota ex-pat community organization in NYC!

I am so freaking excited to eat corn-dogs!

What follows is their press release:

Big Apple on a Stick – Minnesota State Fair Day in New York City August 22, 2010

Minnesota State Fair Day in New York City is an annual event held by ex-pats of the Midwest attempting to recreate the Fair in a day-long food crawl.

NEW YORK – Minnesota State Fair Day (MNSFD) will hold its third annual event Sunday, August 22, 2010. MNSFD is a day to bring togetherMidwest ex-pats and fair lovers alike to recreate the “Great Minnesota Get Together” as possible in the streets of New York.

Why are expats so eager to recreate the Fair? To start, the Minnesota State Fair is unlike any other in the nation. The 12-day event has been argued to be the largest state fair (in competition with Texas, which overall has a larger attendance, but also has a longer fair) Starting in 1859, the fair has only missed 5 years, due to wars and polio outbreaks. True Minnesotans go to the Fair at least twice a year, and devious Minnesotans go every day once they learn the hand stamp system. Besides family and friends, it’s definitely one of the biggest aspects of Minnesotan living expats miss.

In celebration of the nostalgia, the event will start at 12:00pm (noon) at Fat Annie’s Truck Stop at 131 W 33rd St, New York, NY. Intense research has been conducted to identify any and all fair-related foods available in NYC, and the planned menu includes:

1. Fat Annie’s Truck Stop- Cheese curds

2. Milk and Cookies en route to stop #3

3. Street fair

4. Woody McHale’s- Fried Twinkies

5. Donut Pub – Mini donuts

6. Brother Jimmy’s – Fried pickles

7. Nathan’s Famous – Corn dogs/ Fried mac and cheese wedges

8. Led Zeppole – Funnel cakes

9. Bar None- Beer break at this “Vikings Bar”

10. Pommes Frites – Fries

11. Double Down Saloon – Beer break for Leinenkugel, a Wisconsin brewed beer and Minnesota favorite

12. Cafe Habana – Corn on the cob

13. Cake and Shake – Milkshakes, representing the Dairy Barn

All are welcome to attend. To RSVP or for more information please visit

Minnesota State Fair Day is an annual event planned by ex-pats of the Midwest who love and miss the Fair. The goal is to spend the day attempting to recreate, as much as possible, the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together” consisting of a food crawl with fair-type foods (cheese curds, funnel cake, corn on the cob, etc). The event is open to anyone, no previous experience with the Minnesota State Fair required. The first event was held in 2008 and had 9 participants, the second event in 2009 had 16 participants, and in 2010 the event expects over 40 participants.

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