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For the Record

August 23, 2010

Fat Annie’s: 3 pints of beer, 1/3 of an order of cheese curds

en route: 3 cookies and glass of milk

Woody McHale’s: 4, 12 oz Yuengling’s, 3 donuts (via Donut Pub), 1/2 of a deep-fried twinky

Cake and Shake: Half of a strawberry ice-cream bar

Double Down: 2 pints Leinenkugels, 2 pints Honeyweis

Bar none: 1 pint bluepoint

Nathan’s: 2 corn dogs

Brother Jimmys: 2 fried pickles, 1 order mac & cheese, 1 side of biscuits and grazy, 3 pints of stella

Minnesota State Fair Day: Unqualified Success – I’m looking forward to seeing pictures from the day and will hopefully be updating with a more thorough recap. So many thanks to Laura, Jen, and Nina for all their hard work and coordinating! Went off without a hitch!

For now though, I just wanted to share the beauty of an incredibly accurate re-creation of the Minnesota State Fair experience… my stomach hurts


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