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Minnesota-NYC Connection: Vikings Edition

August 29, 2010

So while I’m still waiting to get  a look at the pictures and follow-up from the Minnesota State Fair Day team, I’d like to draw your attention to another wonderful group of Minnesotans that organize in our fair Empire City.

Those of you who joined the State Fair pub crawl through midtown and the east village will remember stopping by Bar None for a couple of pints. Although I heard mention a few times that it was a  ‘Vikings Bar’ – I had no idea that a formal group of Minnesotans had actually staked out a claim, and even had quite a rivalry over it last year.

just like our logo!

[click image for VikingsNYC website]

Anyway, VikingsNYC is coordinated by ex-Minnesotan Marcus Grundahl, and you can give him a shout at:  VikingsNYC (at) gmail (dot) com. “VikingsNYC meets each week of the season at Bar None (3rd Ave, b/w 12th and 13th Streets in the East Village).”

I imagine there’s a lot of cross-over in ex-Minnesotans at Minneapple in the Big Apple and Vikings fans, so hopefully we’ll all see a lot of each other (and plus, they meet up more than once a month for you die-hard midwesterners!)

On a related note, a Minnesotan in NYC has reached out to me with an extra ticket for the NY Jets MN Vikings game  in NYC October 11th, the cost is $100 and if you’re interested send me an  e-mail and I’ll put you in touch!

So yeah! Football season is starting again and we can all look forward to having our professional-sports related hopes and dreams run through another few months of the heartless purple and gold roller-coaster; come on Favre!

And don’t forget next Friday, Sept 3rd at Soda in Prospect Heights – Minnesota Monthly!!!!

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