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Minneapolis/St. Paul at the Bottom of the Charts (in a good way)

September 7, 2010

So beyond being the best place to raise a kid (and have the best chance that kid’ll be healthy!) everybody’s favorite metropolitan area gets some more kudos today from a finding that we’re one of the least stressful cities to live in!

Out of 50 American cities surveyed, Minneapolis/St. Paul comes in as the third least-stressful, only being beat out by Virgina Beach – Norfolk (which is a freaking beach – come on, obviously not stressful), and Salt Lake City (which I’m going to refrain from commenting on).

Obviously in a state widely known for its enduring ‘niceness’, the finding that people are generally chillaxed shouldn’t be too surprising, but it’s always lovely to be vindicated by these ridiculous sorts of cross-state/metro region surveys.

On another note – we had an absolutely wonderful time at the MN Monthly Happy Hour this past Friday – a bunch of you joined us at Soda in Prospect Heights, and trivia/dessert-bars/prizes were enjoyed by all!

Special thanks to the Minnesota State Fair crew who brought many of the newcomers (click the link to check out pictures from their successful day!) – we’re happy to have some momentum going into the long winter in NYC! We’ll return to Le Poisson Rouge for our next event in October – details forthcoming.

And as a special treat, here’s a picture of new Minneapple in the Big Apple supporter Bryce’s wonderful Minnesota tattoo!

It’s always a treat to meet Minnesotans who have only recently moved to the big city, and we hope to see Bryce and all our new friends in October!

And don’t forget to RSVP for the season opener at Bar None with VikingsNYC!

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