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October 1st Minnesota Monthly!!

September 29, 2010

I hope you’re all ready for it…

From our wonderful hosts Tara and Mishka:

Summer Fridays have gone, the free concerts are over, the sweaters are coming back out of the oven. As we mourn the passing of one more NYC summer, we take comfort in the fact that we come from hearty Minnesota stock and accept that winter is the season in which our people really blossom. We sadly say goodbye to Brooklyn for the season – at least, some of us do! – and take over Le Poisson Rouge for the coming months. To celebrate our return to LPR, this month one of our newest members will be doing something extra special for us. Having conquered every pub quiz in the Twin Cities, embarrassed rivals banished him from the trivia scene and he had no choice but to move to a bigger and badder city. Bryce Merriman will be hosting the biggest and baddest MN trivia we have had yet! So start your research, and we will see you on the 1st!

So yeah – I really hope to see all of you there! We’ve been having so much fun the last few months – and it’s a real treat to meet new Minnesotans! We’ll also be passing out our officially unofficial MN Ambassador cards (see post below), and generally enjoying ourselves!

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