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Bake-Off Success & Minnesota Fun!

December 10, 2010

Hey there good-looking Minnesotans!

It was such a treat to see so many Minnesotans at the Happy Hour last week – we’ve consistently been getting about 50 people down to Le Poisson Rouge, which frankly is heart-warming and amazing to this erstwhile Minnesotan.

The bake-off led to an amazing assortment of deliciousness with plenty for everyone, and the drink-specials kept everyone in good cheer! I hope to see you all again next month (Jan 7th)! And if you know other Minnesotans in Gotham, bring them along!

I also wanted to share a couple of awesome online tethers to the heartland – firstly is this wonderful photo blog, North Metro Photo – that captures a range of Minnesotan and Minneapolis scenery with a wonderful eye toward history and Minnesota’s natural beauty – my favorite picture so far is this one from Scandia Minnesota:

And secondly I wanted to remind all you sexy Minnesotans about Philo – the interactive call-in public access TV show based in Minneapolis that streams live on-line. Follow that link at 10:30pm (NYC time) on Monday the 13th to watch the lovely Carolyn Kopecky and friends draw whatever sort of comic you suggest! Here’s the facebook group, and here is a random sampling of the wonderful artwork from the last show:

And lastly, in a show of shameless cross-promotion, I’d like to warmly invite all of you out to the weekly music fun that I’ve been having with the good people of ThatsGoodness at the Recoup Lounge, 210 Rivington – Lower East Side – every Wednesday from 8pm to midnight. I promise that the first Minnesotan that walks in the door will have a version of the North Star anthem dedicated to them ASAP.

With Love,


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