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Minneapple Monthly on Friday!

January 31, 2011

Hey There Beautiful Minnesotans!

An announcement on this week’s Happy Hour from our lovely co-hosts Mishka and Tara:

What’s furry, shiny, and made in Minnesota? Find out this Friday when
Minnesota Monthly returns to the Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge,
which is currently showcasing the art of homestate girl Kate Casanova.
Besides, you know you’ve been feeling extra Minnesota proud this
month, as your friends from California and North Carolina slip around in
their boots and fall into ice puddles while you’ve been expertly
gliding along in your heels (Blizzard?? This?? Ha!). Expect the
usual treats and trivia, but step up your game this month by bringing
your best Minnesota joke – you get only one shot, and the top three
land a special prize. We will also be making a big announcement about
March’s Minnesota Monthly that you won’t want to miss! Bring along a
fellow Minnesotan, or even a Dakotan if you can track one down in this
city (they need companions), and we’ll see you Friday!

We hope to see you out there, RSVP at the Facebook event (and join the group while you’re at it!).




And here’s a great article about how North East Minneapolis is ramping up their theater capacity – my favorite quote: “Minneapolis is the nation’s third-largest theater market [in the US]. Only New York has more theater seats per capita, according to the Minneapolis Downtown Council.”

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