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Minneapple Hot Dish!

May 3, 2011

Hello Beautiful Minnesotans!

As I hope you’re all eagerly anticipating, we’ve got our Monthly Minnesotan Happy Hour coming up at the end of this week – full of tater tots, Minnesotan-music, beers, and other treats! (RSVP and join the facebook group here)

We’ve also got a special guest coming! As some of you may remember, the ‘Monthly Hot Dish’ was a recurring segment on this blog and at the happy hour where we featured eligible Minnesotans in NYC in the hopes of being adorable match-makers. We lost track of the series when our beloved founder Nora went back to the motherland but we’re going to be relaunching the series this month in association with the Minnesota-based firm “Love and Life Architects”.

Kailen Rosenberg is a nationally-known celebrity match-maker (as well as a tried and true Minnesotan) who recently visited the Today Show and spends her time working with clients to give them advice in their love-lives. She’s currently working with a Minnesotan client who is apparently quite the catch!

Specifically, this handsome guy grew up in Minnesota before coming out to NYC to work on Wall Street. He retired last year at the age of 35 (I sure hope I get to do that…) and is now looking at meeting someone who represents “the best of both worlds”, obviously meaning a Minnesotan in NYC! He has a house in Minnetonka (as well as a few others throughout the country), and sadly is golfing in Scotland this weekend so won’t be able to join us himself. Kailen will instead be attending to have conversations with Minnesotan ladies between 26 and 33 and talk about meeting with this highly eligible bachelor. And don’t get too anxious about an arranged marriage, our guy here wants to make sure to have a few years travelling around the world and getting to know each other before ‘next steps’.

You can check out the firm’s website at or contact Kailen herself at 877-930-5683 if you’re interested in reaching out and can’t make the Happy Hour.

Besides that exciting-ness we’ll mostly stick with our regularly scheduled programming of the Minnesota anthem, DJ Cherry Spoon playing North Star music for us, and of course, Minnesota Trivia.

We’ll be kicking off the night at 6pm, Friday May 6th, at Le Poisson Rouge and drink specials run til 9pm.

Can’t wait to see you all there!


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