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Minnesota – Hipster Ducks

May 25, 2011

An important aspect of the national Minnesotan character is reliability and consistency. For that, Minneapple in the Big Apple has our wonderful hosts Mishka and Tara and the ongoing First Friday Minnesota Monthly Happy Hour (next one is May 3rd, details to come)! The blog recently? not so much – but here, let me try to make it up to you!

I’m sure a lot of you came across this one – but it’s worth repeating in case you missed it. We’ve spent all these years thinking that Minnesotans were behind the times in cultural innovation and that NYC was the cutting-edge. But now it’s been scientifically proven that NYC hipsters have only been trying to emulate Minnesota! Please see the following science:

click on the chart for the full wonderful write-up from BuzzFeed.

And secondly – I think it’s important that we all give proper kudos to previously unknown Minnesotans that rise to prominence through hard work, skill, and determination. For that reason I’d like to make sure you’ve all seen the video:

*please note that Minneapple in the Big Apple doesn’t give a damn about Aflac, but does enjoy seeing Minnesotans gainfully employed

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