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The Return of the Monthly Hot-Dish

June 1, 2011
As many of you established MAIBA(minneapple in the big apple)-readers know, in years past the MN Monthly Hot-Dish was a semi-regular feature that highlighted fun and friendly singles of the MN Monthly Happy Hour. In homage to the newly come Summer, and with an increase in our readership (thanks to wonderful attendance at the State Fair Affair), we are bringing the feature back! This time it will be a little less single, but a lot more mingle-friendly. We are hoping to post small bios of regular happy hour attendees, so the get-to-know-ya feeling makes us more of a community than just a once-monthly gathering. Our butter-sculpting Emcee Derrick Lewis was pleased to hear about this and was volunteered to be the first feature, so here goes:

Derrick, from Lake Crystal, MN, came to NYC after college at the U of M in the Twin Cities. I asked him if there was anything about Minneapolis he missed,  “Besides the fact that I could walk to a Target” he said, “I miss the Wednesday nights at Club Jager, and all the fun my friends and I would have.” 

Transmission night at Club Jager, as it is known, is an evening of grooving to new wave, indie rock, electronica, and any other dance beat you can think of. It’s so new-age that Derrick’s two good friends have started Transmission NYC, which will be DJing some major parties throughout the summer. Keep up with them on Facebook. Turns out, Derrick also occasionally gigs as a DJ with a few of his friends in New York. 

When I asked him about life in New York he said, “What I love about New York, that wasn’t in Minneapolis, is its transit system. I can hop on a train and go anywhere. Even if it’s snowing. But I wish I could be there for this new bike-renting system in Minneapolis.” 

What else does he love about New York? The fashion, of course. “I love the fashion. It’s the character of the streets. It’s everywhere.”

Derrick knew he wanted to move to New York, and found a job here to support that decision. Although he does want to make his life in New York, he said “I love that I am not just a New Yorker, but that I’m a Minnesotan in New York. I think growing up in Minnesota made me a more appreciative person, and I can love New York so much more because of it.”

Well said, Derrick. I think that’s something we all feel thankful for, and probably why we attend monthly happy hours and still make it a point to sculpt things out of butter at least once a year.

Can’t get enough of The Hot Dish? Meet Derrick at Friday’s happy hour, June 3rd at Washington Commons in Brooklyn at 6pm! Make sure to compliment his ensemble, and ask him how his train ride was from the upper west side. Want to be on The Hot Dish? Find Jay, Tara, Mishka, or me (Abigail), and tell us you want to be interviewed!
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  1. jemibook permalink
    June 4, 2011 3:36 pm

    I miss transmission as well! I hit up the event they had @ Blackout a few months ago and it was fun, but it was severely missing the one defining character who was always at Transmission in MN who was definitely a fan of Morrisey to the nth degree.

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