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Minneapple Happy Hour – This Friday at Soda Bar

July 6, 2011

Hey Friends – an update from the facebook group (where you should RSVP):

At long last, the time as come for the big reveal – where will MN Monthly July Edition be held? At Prospect Park’s Soda Bar! We tried for Soda’s spacious back patio last year, but instead whooped it up inside due to rain. Let’s all pray to the Rain God and Garrison that this year we will be drinking our happy-hour priced beers and margs under a gently setting sun. Expect the usual goodness – chex mix, trivia, farmer’s tans – minus the bars unless we have a guest baker (having fire trucks screaming down my street on account of a broken oven once this week is enough, thankyouverymuch). See you between six and ten, but before 8 for the cheapest booze!

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Soda Bar is at 629 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn in Park Slope

this picture was stolen from the internet


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