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MN State Fair Bar Crawl – August 18th

July 30, 2012

Beautiful Minnesotans!

Exciting news for August! It’s time to announce the 5th annual Minnesota State Fair Day Bar Crawl! I hope there are a lot of you out there that remember how fun and delicious the event has been the past few years, and let me promise you now that the agenda for this round is shaping up wonderfully!

From 2pm to 9pm on August 18th you’ll be guided around Lower Manhattan by a wonderful cohort of fanny-pack’d Minnesotans to enjoy fried snacks and midwestern beer.

Tickets are $12 and sold out quickly last year, so head on over to this site and grab yours now!

And check back at MN State Fair Day website regularly for updates on the day’s agenda.

And lastly I wanted to give a wonderful thank you to everyone who came out on July 13th to make the Surly/BluDot extravaganza a wonderful success. We hope you enjoyed your free beer and cheese curds and will continue to help keep the Minnesotan-loving alive in NYC!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the event taken by Mr. Derrick Lewis – still the finest butter-sculpting judge I’ve ever met:

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