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Hot Bird Hot Dish Competition – Minneapple December 7th!

November 30, 2012

Beautiful Minnesotans – I can’t tell you how heartbroken I was to cancel the November Happy Hour due to bad weather – it felt very un-Minnesotan to say the least.

However – luckily the seasons keep turning and we are one week away from our December Happy Hour! You may remember that this time way back in 2010 we had a wildly successful Hot Dish competition and we’d like to do a second take!

Some of the competition from the last round!

Some of the competition from the last round!

Specifically, for a chance to win 2 “I {MN} NY” t-shirts, some beers, and any other secret surprises we can come up with, bring your most delicious Midwestern Casserole Concoctions to Hot Bird (546 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn) by 7:30 next Friday December 7th. The winning dish will be decided by voting attendees and we will all be wonderfully stuffed full of traditional Minnesotan fare while we drink the evening away. Please RSVP to the facebook invite here, post on the wall, or send me a message if you intend to compete!

Bring your hats and mittens – Hot Bird has a wonderful bonfire going, but it’ll be chilly until we get some whiskey and s’mores in us (you’re not scared of a little cold weather are you?)

We can’t wait to see all of your rosy cheeks!

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