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Minneapple Founder Starts Spin-off Group Back in the Motherland

June 25, 2013


Author: Nora Riemenschneider

So what does it mean that the founder of Minneapple in the Big Apple returned to the homeland?  I still don’t know, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve been back for almost three years now.   Even though I love being home, I miss NYC pretty much every day. One thing I miss in particular is that special community of folks faithfully gathering every month for Minnesota Monthly happy hours, so I figure it’s about time that I start a spin-off group here in the Twin Cities, called Break the Bubble.

This time, the focus is on people who moved to the Twin Cities from elsewhere, or moved away and came back, or who just want to get out and meet new people outside their circle.  The idea was brewing for awhile, and then I met a guy named Matt Decuir who had moved here a month earlier – he was definitely experiencing the “Minnesota Nice” affect of the overly friendly and talkative people who don’t ever truly invite you in.  It can be a chilly vibe for those who leave and come back, too.

So we’re hosting our first “Break the Bubble” event this Friday, June 28, from 8-11 at Fulton Tap Room.   We’ve got a fun theme to keep things lively – awkward nametag questions.  Some examples include “How do you feel about cilantro?” and “Minneapolis or St. Paul?” (the never-ending debate had to make it on the list, right?). 

If you’ve got friends back home, or you’ve returned yourself, please help spread the word to all who can join us this Friday, June 28 at the Fulton Tap Room.  Sign up here.

Can’t wait to see what this event leads to, given the unexpectedly great path Minneapple in the Big Apple has had.  Good times ahead!

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