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SpooOOOooky Minneapple – November 1st @ LPR!

October 22, 2013


Hey Team!

What a beautiful and spooky October we’ve been having! My mom claimed it snowed in Minnesota yesterday – jokes on them!

Friday November 1st will mark our return to the Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge for the winter! And since it’s the day after Halloween, let’s do this thing right with THREE Competitions!

Most Minneapple Costume!
Whether it’s a Paul Bunyan get-up, a ridiculous corn-dog outfit, or just something that represents ‘Minnesota’ to you – come in your best land of 10,000 lakes costume and then hit the town afterwards to spread the gospel of the motherland!

Most Big Apple Costume!
Feeling like you’ve gotten acclimated enough to show off your city-savvy costume-design skills? I had a friend go as the ‘third rail’ a couple years back covered in plastic rats and lightning bolts and it was truly amazing – but I’m sure you can top it!

Most Delicious Halloween Treat!
This one’s pretty self-explanatory – get in touch with your aunts back home and get them to dig out their recipe book! For inspiration: Candy Corn Cupcakes, Gummy-worm-infested Brownies, Sugar Cookies in the shape of GHOSTS!

All entries will be decided by semi-anonymous voting and include prizes of an “I <MN> NY” t-shirt and free beer! Try and show up by 8 to be included for consideration.

We’ll be wrapping up at 10 as per usual so we can all hit the City for some riotous halloween partying. Let’s show the big city how we do in Minnesota!

And DJ Cherry Spoon will be on the ones and twos – I’m not totally sure if trying to convince her to play monster mash is a good idea or not.

RSVP here and seeya there!

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