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SpooOOOooky Minneapple – November 1st @ LPR!

October 22, 2013


Hey Team!

What a beautiful and spooky October we’ve been having! My mom claimed it snowed in Minnesota yesterday – jokes on them!

Friday November 1st will mark our return to the Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge for the winter! And since it’s the day after Halloween, let’s do this thing right with THREE Competitions!

Most Minneapple Costume!
Whether it’s a Paul Bunyan get-up, a ridiculous corn-dog outfit, or just something that represents ‘Minnesota’ to you – come in your best land of 10,000 lakes costume and then hit the town afterwards to spread the gospel of the motherland!

Most Big Apple Costume!
Feeling like you’ve gotten acclimated enough to show off your city-savvy costume-design skills? I had a friend go as the ‘third rail’ a couple years back covered in plastic rats and lightning bolts and it was truly amazing – but I’m sure you can top it!

Most Delicious Halloween Treat!
This one’s pretty self-explanatory – get in touch with your aunts back home and get them to dig out their recipe book! For inspiration: Candy Corn Cupcakes, Gummy-worm-infested Brownies, Sugar Cookies in the shape of GHOSTS!

All entries will be decided by semi-anonymous voting and include prizes of an “I <MN> NY” t-shirt and free beer! Try and show up by 8 to be included for consideration.

We’ll be wrapping up at 10 as per usual so we can all hit the City for some riotous halloween partying. Let’s show the big city how we do in Minnesota!

And DJ Cherry Spoon will be on the ones and twos – I’m not totally sure if trying to convince her to play monster mash is a good idea or not.

RSVP here and seeya there!

October Minneapple Happy Hour – Tonight!

October 4, 2013

Hot Bird, 7-10 tonight! Enjoy the last surprise summer evening of 2013!

September Minneapple – Brooklyn, Hot Bird 9/6 7-10pm!

September 2, 2013

I know I’m not the only ex-Minnesotan in NYC this week fuming with jealousy over all the State Fair pics popping up on facebook – and frankly, I plan to drink to forget my sorrow that I can’t take the gondola across the fairgrounds, or find out what exciting new technologies the tractor-making industry has fathomed.

And even if you’re one of the lucky ones who got back to the motherland for fried twinkies and sweet martha’s, you’re still welcome at Hot Bird this coming Friday, September 6th in Brooklyn from 7-10 for Minnesota trivia, chex mix, excellent company, and delicious beers.

See you then! RSVP via Facebook if you like!

MinneAugust Happy Hour + Bars!!!

July 26, 2013

I hope that you’ve all had as wonderful of visits back to the motherland as I have this summer. Sadly after a week back at work I’ve got a gigantic hole in my heart that can only be filled by getting ‘moderately’ drunk with fellow Minnesotans and eating ridiculously unhealthy deliciousness!

Luckily…we all have each other!

So come out next Friday to Hot Bird for a dessert bar competition! Bring your blondies, your lemon meringue, your peanut butter poptarts, your mississipi mud, or your snickerdoodles and we’ll have a verifiable feast of rectangular deliciousness! By popular acclaim we’ll decide who’d be the most popular at the lutheran bake-sale and in addition to this extremely desirable title, you will get free beers and an awesome I Minnesota NY T-shirt!

RSVP Here – and let us know if you have any questions below – otherwise I’ll see you there!

Night Moves 7/27 Free Ticket Contest!

July 24, 2013

ImageWell fancy that, less than an hour after posting about the Night Moves gig this Saturday at Glasslands Gallery Minneapple in the Big Apple got an offer for 2 free tickets! So here’s what we’ll do:

From now until tomorrow (Thursday at noon) we will be accepting submissions of pictures that best represent “Minnesota’s Rock and Roll Heritage”. Submissions can be photoshopped ridiculousness, old Polaroids from your stoner parents, or even just some creative google image search results! You can submit either on the facebook page here or to The winner will be determined by an expert panel of secret judges back in Minneapolis and announced Friday morning!

I’ve seen these guys play here a few times now and they always bring their A-game! Even if you don’t win you should really check them out (they are also very handsome). So show us what you got!

(If you’re tragically unfamiliar with these fellows, here’s a great video of them performing for the Current!)

Minneapple Founder Starts Spin-off Group Back in the Motherland

June 25, 2013


Author: Nora Riemenschneider

So what does it mean that the founder of Minneapple in the Big Apple returned to the homeland?  I still don’t know, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve been back for almost three years now.   Even though I love being home, I miss NYC pretty much every day. One thing I miss in particular is that special community of folks faithfully gathering every month for Minnesota Monthly happy hours, so I figure it’s about time that I start a spin-off group here in the Twin Cities, called Break the Bubble.

This time, the focus is on people who moved to the Twin Cities from elsewhere, or moved away and came back, or who just want to get out and meet new people outside their circle.  The idea was brewing for awhile, and then I met a guy named Matt Decuir who had moved here a month earlier – he was definitely experiencing the “Minnesota Nice” affect of the overly friendly and talkative people who don’t ever truly invite you in.  It can be a chilly vibe for those who leave and come back, too.

So we’re hosting our first “Break the Bubble” event this Friday, June 28, from 8-11 at Fulton Tap Room.   We’ve got a fun theme to keep things lively – awkward nametag questions.  Some examples include “How do you feel about cilantro?” and “Minneapolis or St. Paul?” (the never-ending debate had to make it on the list, right?). 

If you’ve got friends back home, or you’ve returned yourself, please help spread the word to all who can join us this Friday, June 28 at the Fulton Tap Room.  Sign up here.

Can’t wait to see what this event leads to, given the unexpectedly great path Minneapple in the Big Apple has had.  Good times ahead!

June Minneapple!

June 3, 2013
Summer’s here in earnest, and who would you rather spend it with than your fellow Minnesotans in NYC! Continuing the Brooklyn Summer Series at Hot Bird (546 Clinton Ave) from 7-10 on Friday, come enjoy some Happy Hour drinks and good Minnesota cheer. I’m sure nobody would mind if you brought some Chex Mix!